Rooted in the Grand Valley

“Having dedicated my life to public service, I have always wanted to serve our communities on the School Board. As an apolitical civil servant and Chief Deputy District Attorney for the 21st Judicial District, I have always viewed our schools as the most meaningful way to continue serving our community.


I’m incredibly proud of our work during my tenure to make District 51 the largest district in Colorado to stay open through the COVID shutdowns. I’m asking for your vote so we can continue the amazing work our schools, staff, parents, and community are doing to provide the best possible education to the 22,000 kids in our public schools!”

Qualifications and Community Involvement

Chief Deputy District Attorney, Mesa County District Attorney’s Office, 21st Judicial District, Grand Jct., CO
(specializing in crimes against children and juvenile court)

Trial Team of the Year (Colorado District Attorney’s Council) for prosecution of Michael Blagg and Deputy Geer’s murderer

Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, Seattle University Law School 

Bachelor of Science, University of Colorado Graduate

Grand Junction High School Graduate

Parent of two District 51 graduates

Pomona Elementary- Parent Advisory (Accountability) Committee, 

West Middle School- Parent Accountability Committee

2012-2018 Booster Club Member, Officer Grand Junction High School

Restorative Justice Board

GMYSA Soccer Coach, Cub Scout Den Leader, 

Mesa County Mediation Center Advisory Board

Colorado Mesa University, Mock Trial Coach

Why I'm Running

I am a home grown girl from Grand Junction who attended all D51 schools, graduating from Grand Junction High School in 1984 as Senior Class President. My husband and I made sure that we were living in Grand Junction to allow our children to enjoy the same benefits that I had growing up. My sons also graduated from Grand Junction High School and I want to make sure that our schools are a place that I'm proud to see my grandkids attend and graduate from as well.  Every day as a prosecutor, I see juveniles and young adults on the docket that have slipped through the cracks. As a Board of Education member, I intend to have role and voice in making sure we fill gaps in the education system that give every child an opportunity to succeed in Mesa County public schools with a future story.

District 51 was the largest school district in Colorado to return students to face to face learning during the 2020-2021 school year, yet allowing other options for families who did not prefer brick and mortar. I am incredibly proud to have been a part of leading that effort on the School Board. It was a difficult year for our students, teachers, parents, and staff but by working together, and with the support of our community, we were able to overcome the obstacles of those trying times to stay open and provide the best and safest possible education for our kids.


As we move past the struggles of the pandemic, I am running for School Board because I offer skills to be a part of the incredible work our teachers and schools are doing to prepare students to be college and work force ready when they graduate.  As a Chief Deputy District Attorney specializing in crimes against children and juvenile court, I have demonstrated my integrity and commitment to public service fighting to keep our children and community safe, being transparent about our decisions, and being responsible and accountable to the taxpayers.  I will do the same thing as a School Board member- demonstrate transparency and accountability to the community, while ensuring that our kids and staff are safe and secure in schools.

Our School District faces enormous challenges every day, and some of the most difficult decisions of my life have been made during my tenure on the Board. Similar to my work as a prosecutor, I promise to keep our processes transparent, our decisions accountable to the people of Mesa County, and above all to ensure the safety of our students and staff as we move into a brighter future for all of us who call Mesa County home.

My Priorities

Student Success 

Safe Schools

Financial Transparency

Holding the Administration Accountable to Students, Parents, and Taxpayers 

Engaging the Community in Decision Making 

Growing our STEM and Vocational Tech programs

Getting Mesa County Kids College and Career Ready 


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